Today all enjoyed Mount Titllise.The optional Ice Flyer suggested by Tour Leader Nasir bhai was really worth. Its an extra ordinary exciting experience in dense snow fall & chilled weather. Now reached White Mountain, Tipol Austria, an excellent hotel having lush greeny mountain views & quite non crowdy location. This choice of hotel by Tki team really deserve compliments. Hope other Hotels in Venice & Italy will also be equally good.
By Vinod Tiwari Adv
Enjoying to the fullest with TKI TOURS
By Jinia Saha?
Great going by tki,they deserve heartfelt thanks for organising a trip to several countries within a few days from London to Paris I.e. London,France,Switzerland, Germany, Liechtenstein, Austria,Vatican City,Italy.Thanks to Coach Captain Mr. Stuff,Mr. Nasir who received us at London airport and made the trip there superb.Special THANKS to Mr. Yusuf Ali's decency with whom the whole group spent a lot of time.He left no stone unturned to make our stay, breakfast,recreation,dinner and trip from receiving to see off.Great going,Keep it up. Highly recommended by each all.
By Nisha Saxena
Thanks #Tkitours we are already loving it !!
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By Anshul Bhagwat
And Here... With the Gang...
By Nivesh Chourey
Wonderful vacation with Tki Tours!
By Tuhina Banerjee
From 16th Sept. I am on Special Europe tour along with my family. The tour is going on very nice. We are really enjoying. Our tour manager & Coach Caption are taking our care completely.. Food, staying arrangements are the best & sightseeing are also going excellent. We have covered up till now Paris, Swiss, Germany & tomorrow we are leaving Swiss for Austria. Thanks Lot to TKI MD & his entire staff i.e Priya, Bhosale etc.
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By Satish Haridas Prabhu
Our family travelled with Tki Tours Europe Tours in 2015. Can vouch it as life's best experience. They do their best. Kudos and Hats off to TKI commitment to customers.
By Kandadai Chakrawarthy
Tki Tours Europe Tours was an excellent experience with Mr. Nasir as tour leader was very cooperative. I would like to go with them again in future. I have recommended to some colleagues of mine and Mr Thapar has used their services on my recommendation also. Keep it up
By Ramesh Thagela
Tki is definitely the best tour operator not only for Europe tours but also for many other tours they organise. They provide personalized and utmost professional services. I and my family have had excellent and very memorable experience in 3 tours of different locations. When it is TKI, one can really relax and enjoy.
By Piyush Hajela
I & my family sincerely Thanx team TKI or planning my first Europe Tour ,I especially thanx to tour leader Mr. Nasir & Mr. Yusuf , Director TKI for planning such a marvelous tour. I also thanx to Mr. Dinesh Yadav, Ms.Deepa , Priya & Simonia who helped me when I need. I hope Team TKI will serve better in future also.
By Vinay Gupta
TKI the best tour conductors. My wife and daughter with the efficient Captain.
By Emayavaramban G
one of the best tours...Enjoyed a lot..Thanks @Tki ..for an amazing tour..and mesmerising memories..!
By Anuja Srivastava
My dreams come true as we concluded our last international round with Tki Tours Europe Tours I sincerely thank team Tki for planning a such tour ,I personally thanks to ourtour manager Mr. Nasir & Mr. Yusuf , MD TKI along with sincere office workby Priya Deepa Prakash bhonshle above all Mr. DInesh yadav
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By Amit Agarwal Jhansi
 Awesome !!
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By Pulkit
I had never dreamt of to be in Europe. It was just possible because of TKI Tours Europe!! Paris, Switzerland, Germany were really amazing & the travel by coach was very exciting!! It was just like going in the vicinity of nature & the new friends I got were superb for sure. Roaming in the western culture, in that western nation. But the sumptuous Indian dinner at night, was purely our tradition. The sparkling diamonds in golden Eiffel, The exciting Cruz in Sen river, The ice-plays at Mount Titlis, & the city of water-Venice, I will forget never. It was indeed a wonderful trip. I will always save it in heart grooves. Europe was more awesome than it should be With friends and TKI Tours.
By Vihang Sawant
Final day in Europe... What a trip it was... A big massive thank you to Tki Tours Europe Tours for organizing such amazing and fun filled tour... Met many new people, had new experiences... A special mention to the tour leader Mr. Nasir for his special attention and tacital situation handling... Time to come home... Flying back tonight...
 — feeling happy.
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By Swapnil Moghe
excellent experience in Europe. thank you TKI tours for making our holidays so memorable. there are no words to thank you for such a wonderful time. your service was beyond expectations. keep up your good work
By Anbu Sukanta?


TKI tours

Traveling Europe during holidays was a dream come true.Thank you so much TKI tours for making it happen. I am so glad that despitebeing cheaper  from all other travel agencies we ended up visiting moreplaces compared to the places covered by other tour operators .Food and stay atdifferent hotels throughout Europe was up to the mark . Special mention to ourtour , with loads of experience and knowledge about different places across theEurope who made our travel a memorable one . Not to forget his brilliant senseof humour which left us laughing through long journey hours. Looking forward toUS venture with TKI .

By Shikhar srivastava
First of all I would like 2 congratulate u for always arranging fabulous tkitours 2 different countries as learnt from some of my friends.I wish u all thebest for the US tours in the coming days.On a personal level I would like 2 saythat though I have travelled abroad earlier also but the ease n comfort Iachieved with tki tours was unparalled.U have competent tour leaders 2accompany the tour.In my last tour 2 Europe in nov2014. Your tour leader waswith us, a very amicable n disciplined person.He gave us a feeling of familytour.Personally I have recommended all my close frends 2 opt for tki tour Hisrespect for ladies n a caring attitude for kids was commendable.Once when I wasunable 2 lift my luggage he came forward immediately 2 help me.I was reallytouched by his generosity.I wish him n u all the best for ur comming tours.

By Anjali Malviyay
Dear sir,
Thehighlights of Europe tour from 5th May to 15th May 2014organised by M/s tki tours was wonderful and excellent. The hotels are unparallel and beautiful at their own. The travel coach provided by Mr Carlo wasexcellent to go through the vicinity of nature and lot of snaps were taken. Ourtour leader, Mr. Nasir is a very good person . I appreciate his patience,dedication and managing capacity. I also thankful to Mr Kunal Kotak as he is intouch with me since beginning to end of the tour. Thanks to tki tours forarrangement of such wonderful and memorable tour.
By Chandan Roy

Dear TKI TOURS and Team

I am pleased to state that the Tour under Your kind guidance was Awesome. Iprofusely appreciate the way You Guided us through out the tour period. I alsothank You for the co-operation & care alongwith timely correct validinformation about different countries extended by you towards us. Moreover yourjollyness, calmness, politeness & patiance touched our heart. We allenjoyed the trip to the maximum without feeling that We are away from ourcountry for a single second being a sort of family tour. Me & My familylook forward for a more such beautiful tours ahead with TKI.So request you tokeep on updating about the forthcoming tours.       


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By Rajesh Gokhale (EUROPE TOUR SUMMER 2015)
Dear TKI tours,
Greetings !!!
I am writing this mail toacknowledge a very fantastic europe tour me and my wife had starting 13th may2014, with your company. I am very pleased with the services of your entireteam. I would like to thank your sales team who had been very kind and cooperative during the booking stages and the documentation for the visas. theirguidance made things very easy for me in terms of getting the visas. Secondly Iwould like to give a big thanks to , our tour leader in europe who was veryfriendly, his knowledge of europe was fantastic and the guidance he gave usduring the tour was very helpful in making our tour as wonderful as it hasbeen. I believe without mr Nasir this tour wouldn’t have been as fantastic asit was. A very big hearty thanks for the entire team of TKI for the wonderfultour we had.
I would be looking forward to goon more tours in future with TKI,Regards
By Dhiren Surjiani


i am presently enjoying my highlights of europe tour withtki

a week is over and we have thoroughly enjoyed every bit ofit

one thing that is worth mentioning is that i have beenfollowing the itinerary every day after coming and one significant thing that ifound is the excellent services offered by our tour leader.

managing a tour of more than 40 people: their timings,tastes and temperaments (and at times few tempers as well) is definitelycommendable

thank you for these memories of a lifetime which we wouldcontinue to cherish


By Dr Debdep Mitra

Dear TKI Team,

Thank you very much for your excellent courtesy .

Indeed myself , My father Mr Sudhakar Salgaonkar & mysister Mrs Aishwarya Amonkar would specially like to thank each member of TKIteam who have always been helpful to us with proper knowledge , Guidance andgesture with simile on face.

We were part of BOE tour from 1st may to 14thMay 2014.

We had an amazing experience and more over we met almost57 new members , where we could share our ideas.

Very special thanks to Nasir Bhai, our tour leader, Whowas always at the courtesy and tried his best to keep everyone happy .

A mature man which TKI shall be proud of it. I wouldpersonally like to appreciate his patience and the way he carried the tour evenwhen there were ups and down. NASIR BHAI see you soon.

Lastly a Very Very Special thanks to Kunal & Bhaumika ,both are the best coordinators, you guys are just the best .

I and my family members  shall certainly plan for UStrip in the coming months.

Best wishes to TKI Team.

By Ketan Salgaonkar