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Every Indian wishes to travel and see the world and experience the difference of living here and abroad and experience exotic locales at the same time. Our growing economy and worldwide globalisation is now letting Indians harbour the passion to travel and stand and look around the places they would have otherwise only witnessed in cinemas or read about in books. TKI Tours helps you fulfil this desire and lets you experience world class and hassle-free travel.

We have been in the business of outbound tourism for more than two decades now. We had a very humble beginning on 1st Oct 1994 with a 50 square feet office in fort. We began by assisting other tour operators with visas and paper work for group travel: And did most of the running around that they took credit for. Hence we know the nuts and bolts of this industry inside out and can cater to every segment of the Indian society that wishes to experience foreign locales.

15 years back we began providing tours to the Europe exclusively and as a result have become experts in this sector with our focussed approach. We now know this sector much better than any of our competitors. With our new tour packages to America and Australia we have now begun to span across the world and bring in more destinations for you. At the same time we are also expanding our services to other cities in our country shortly. And will be reachable to almost every citizen of our country that dreams of travelling and seeing the world with his own eyes.

We tailor make great holiday experiences for Indian families. Being Indians we understand the Indian psyche much more than any other foreign travel co. and understand the cultural difference like none other. We offer our opinions and suggestions keeping in mind the sensitivity and sensibility of us Indians. And hence our customers value us more.

We do not inflate our prices and then offer a discount. In fact our pricing is extremely humble and in the European sector our tours offer lowest price with the best quality holiday experience. Even the MNCs are unable to match the quality of TKI Tours holidays. We believe in complete honesty and transparency with our customers. Our customers are very loyal and happy to be travelling with TKI Tours time and again.

TKI Tours today is an integrated travel company that offers outbound tourism, destination management, business travel, foreign exchange, visa and insurance. Our speciality is that our tour operators understand local nuances like none other. We also offer our expert opinion on currency, tips, etiquettes and basic dos and don’ts in any country. And makes living in a foreign country as easy and simple as it would be in our own country.


Our vision is to increase the number of Indian travellers manyfold and make outbound travel much more affordable and within limits for a vast majority of Indians.

We envision a global community that we can contribute to by social learning via tourism. And to strengthen our position as the leading tourism company that provides quality, competitive and responsible service.


We would like to transform Indians into global citizens by experiencing the world. And we have a three-pronged focus for the same:

Glocalisation: Help our customers stay local while being global

Strong Ethics: Display our integrity, transparency and accountability

Customer focus: Keep customers satisfied and loyal


TKI Tours is a company of sound history and strong ethical work culture. Our main objective is to work with honesty and sincerity. We stand by our word and honour any commitments we make. These are the values we stand by:TKI Tours is a company of sound history and strong ethical work culture. Our main objective is to work with honesty and sincerity. We stand by our word and honour any commitments we make. These are the values we stand by:

Transparency: We are honest in our dealings with our customers and our partners.

Knowledge: We believe in the strength of information and knowledge and channelize it well for the benefit of our customers.

Innovation: We understand consumer behaviour and create new packages for our old and new customers.

Integrity: Our ethics and morals are in the right place and each one of us can vouch for each other’s integrity.

Flexible: We have always been more human than any other tour company and are flexible to the needs of our consumers.

TKI Team
Tour Managers

The functional job of any tour operator is to organise, plan, and conduct city or country tours for groups or individuals. They ensure that the travel runs smoothly from the start to end without any issues. In addition to these our tour operators have adopted the ‘TKI lifestyle’ in handling our clients and that’s what sets them apart. They understand that they are the face of TKI for our clients and hence give them an experience that they want to travel with us again and again.

More than stories and trivia, it is the comforting factor that one needs when travelling to a foreign locale. And this is what TKI Tour managers provide. They understand Indians and their quirks, whether they are from Jammu or down south or belong to any part of our country. They take care of the Jains and their food requirement and also cater to the vegetarians and non-vegetarians at the same time. They understand that each of our customer is important and know how to turn around the tour for even the most difficult customer.

Our tour managers are soft, flexible, adaptable, creative with good communication skills. They keep our customers pleasantly engaged and looking forward to the entire trip. And we love the fact that most of our repeat customers are because of the TKI tour managers.

Sales Team

Since we do not rely on online sales, all our bookings are done by the sales team. All the decision making and closing of a deal is actually done by our sales team.

Headed by Dinesh Kumar Yadav, our sales team is known for their warm approach and the ‘TKI Way’ of handling clients. Their responsibility is to approach and book passengers and also be in touch with them post the tours. They also help us in increasing the range of outbound travel and converting enquiries and requests into bookings. Our team is well trained to utilise their creativity in a dull season and create new opportunities and also know how to handle the pressure of peak season.

We feel very proud since our customers address them as the TKI Family, which is very unique and path breaking in client servicing.

Reservations Team

Our reservations team too has adopted the ‘TKI Way’ and are known to make our customers feel special and exceptional. Under the supervision of Priya Chetty and Deepa Udiar, our reservations team takes care of all the bookings from airlines to hotels, to inter-city travel, to sightseeing. All the special requirements like meal, airline deviations, extra bed, extra room or wheelchair when required are taken care of. Special days like birthdays or anniversaries are taken special note of and we ensure we bring a smile on our clients’ face.

Our team is extremely meticulous and methodical and have booked for thousands of passengers over the years with ease.

Operations Team

Our operations team is also extremely methodical and have a great foresight. Headed by Prakash Bhosale, they are responsible for visas, documentation, overseas medical insurance, travel insurance etc. They are in touch with our clients before and after the tours and help them with the documentation and help us with the immediate feedback.

Branch Coordinators

This team is headed by Dinesh Kumar and is responsible for coordination across all departments between the head office and our branches. They cater to all the HR needs, customer care, pre and post tour management.

  • 14-Aug-2017
    Full too masti....Feeling ..Awsome..
    #At Mount Titles..
    #Thanku tki.
    By Akanksha Bala
  • 21-Sep-2016
    Our Europe Tour with Tki Travels is very much enjoyable,Thanks for the Organizers.
    -at Swarovski Kristallwelton.
    Mr Vattapalli Venugopal,Hydrabad.
    By Venugopal Vattapalli
  • 23-Aug-2017
    Had Fun in Mount Titlis.Thank You Tki Team for Great Arrangements & Service <3:)
    By Punj Hemkar
  • 20-Sep-2017
    From 16th Sept. I am on Special Europe Tour along with my family.The tour is going on very nice.We are really enjoying.Our tour Manager Mr. Nasir Sheikh & Coach Caption are taking our care fully.food,staying arrangements are the best & sights
    By Satish Haridas Prabhu
  • 18-Aug-2017
    Bye Europ. Thank you Tki team for superb Trip :)
    By Nikita Chavda