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HIGHLIGHTS OF EUROPE 2018 - 16 May 2018
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Available Seats : 50

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TKI Tours Tour Booking Terms & Conditions

(Booking not valid for MP & chhattisgarh
Booking Valid for direct client only)

A Representative from TKI Tours can give you doorstep service within the jurisdiction of Mumbai or your own personal or trusted travel agent can book you on our tours. Please make all payments to him by demand draft favoring – TKI Tours India Limited. Your agent will send us all documents on your behalf.

All your travel documents (As per the visa requirement sheet given separately must reach TKI within the stipulated time to arrange for your visas hotel reservations etc. You must fill in the booking form along with non refundable and interest free deposit amount of RS. 10,000/- per person (Adult/Child).this deposit will be adjusted towards the total of your tour cost.

If for any region you wish to cancel your tour then cancelation charges will apply as per the terms and condition below.

  • 44 to 15 day prior to the departure of the tour RS. 15,000/-
  • 14 to 01 day prior to the departure of the tour RS. 25,000/-
  • In case you are a not show on the tour – 100% of tour cost
  • TKI Tours (India) Pvt. Ltd. Hold the right to cancel any tour and to adjust the dates of any tour.
  • There is no refund payable for and Unutilized Services (E.G. Meals, Entrance Fees, Optional Tours, Hotels, Sight Seeing etc.)

Balance payments for cost of your tour must reach at least 45 days prior to the departure of your tour. Failing the above payment, and there will be a delay in issuing your air tickets and hotel reservations. You will receive your air tickets and tour vouchers before your tour.

The responsibility and liability of holding valid travel documents such as passports, visas, confirmed air tickets etc. Lies with the passengers and not with TKI Tours will help in getting the visas and completing the documentation process for the passengers on their behalf.

It is very important to have an overseas medical policy to cove yourselves for any Damage, Loss, Accident and Injury to life or property while on the tour. It is also compulsory that you purchase your overseas medical insurance through M/S TKI Tours India Pvt. Ltd.

As per regulation by the RBI, all travelers holding Indian passport are Eligible for a travel allowance of US$ 10,000 from the Basic Travel Quota (BTQ). These travel allowances give per calendar year and can be avails by the passenger either in traveler claque (TC) or in a combination of traveler’s checks and cash. You may also purchase world currency cards for the save purpose. The Dollar cash limit is US$ 2000 only. It is also mandatory that You Purchase your BTQ forms M/S TKI Tours India Pvt. Ltd.

All Information in our brochures, Fliers and Pamphlets are true to our knowledge however if circumstances make us to differ then we will have to change programs to the best of the tour since the printing of our brochures is done in advance. There may be changes in the actual date of travel.
ACCOMODATIONS: All your hotels are carefully chosen. All hotels in different countries have their own check in timings and check out timings. If we arrive before check in time we may have to wait till a room is allowed to us. Likewise since check out time usually by 12:00 Noon.
You may have to check out of your rooms and keep the bags in the reception area before commencing on the rest of your tour program.
COACHES: In our European tours, since most of the traveling is done by the coaches with long journey times the seating arrangements will be don a daily rotating basis, we are not responsible for any loose or theft your personal belongs or your travel you are supposed to take good care of all your belongings.
TIPPING: Tipping is a necessary custom in most parts of the world. You will be advice to make the mandatory tipping which will be advice to make the mandatory toppings which will be advanced to you at the time of making your bookings.
TKI Tours India Pvt. Ltd. Is company which organizes holidays and tours. We are not in direct control of any airlines, services, hotels, coach companies, nor we control the local guides around or the staff of any hotels. While we take full care to see to it that your tour is as per the best of our planning we will not be in any liable nor responsible for any mal functions of the above maintained factors which go towards to your tours managements. We are also not responsible for any loss, theft or loss of life or injury to any passengers while on tour.


PASSENGER means person in whose name or behalf the booking is made in our booking form and in whose name the visas and invoices are given.

TKI Tours (India) Pvt. Ltd. Has the right to terminate any tour without giving reasons.

REFUNDS (d any) for amendments and/or cancellations will be paid directly to you by the conceded TKI Branch office Travel Agent Associate Sales office privilege Sales Agent through whom you have forwarded your payment to us. It would take at least 45 days to process refunds. For cases where an airline ticket is issued, it would take at least 60 days to process the refund (if due). In case of refund of Foreign Currency component, the said refund shall be made in Indian rupees only the prevailing rate on the date of refund as per existing Rules & Regulations.

There is no refund payable for any Unutilized Services (e.g. Meals, Entrance Fees, Optional Tours, Hotels and Sightseeing etc.) Deposit for the Add-on/Cruise package. All passengers who wish to take Add-on . Cruise package will have to pay an interest free deposit amount of Rs. 10,001/- which would adjusted towards the tour cost once the final payment is Made. If circumstances make you cancel your tour along with the Cruise we are constrained to levy the additional Cruise Cancelation Charges for the same.

As per currant RBI rules and regulations, travelers holding Indian passport are eligible for foreign travel allowance of US$ 10,000/- per person as Basic Travel Quota (BTO) entitlement for a calendar year. Your Cost from BTQ – Part of your tour cost is payable in foreign currency. Where your entire tour cost including this foreign currency component is already covered by the loan amount sanctioned you need not pay towards this separately. If the loan amount sanctioned is not covering whole or part of this foreign currency component you will have to pay the residual amount from your own source.

You will be require to sign BTQ from for this foreign currency component lie the tour cost to enable the Authorized Foreign exchange dealer I Full-fledged Moneychanger to release corresponding foreign exchange to TKI ours. Your personal BTQ out of your balance BTQ entitlement you can purchase foreign exchange you would need to meet all your personal expenses on the tour. You can purchase this through our chosen forex dealer.

The Information given in this brochure is as accurate as we can make it. Our brochure is of amenities normally available. However, circumstances can change due to any events beyond our control. Major road works may necessitate route changes. Indian restaurants may close or change management and of these may cause us to make changes in the itineraries. Where we may know if these sufficiently in advance we will notify you, otherwise our tour Managers or local representative will inform you of the changes on the spot and you will extend your full cooperation for the same. No grivets regarding the change in itinerary can be made all a later stage and the Company will do its level best to ensure that at itineraries as printed in the Brochures is strictly adhered to and followed. Please note that the brochure was printed a few months in advance. There are also very big Trade fires and Exhibitions for duration of 2 weeks, in which time most hotels are fully booked much in advance. Every effort is made to avoid such dates, but in the few instances it is unavoidable, it may be necessary to stay in hotels in other cities or for away from the venue. (This would be advised at the time of booking).

MEALS: There are preset menus provided for breakfast/ lunch when provided and dinner on the tour. The types of meal indicated in the brochure. We cannot process for special meals for customers. In case of passengers having specific diet requirements, the same should be made known all the time of booking the tour and we will buy and provide the same to the best of our ability. We, however, Reserve the right to change the meal and arrangement if circumstances make it necessary for us to do so. In the event that the tour participant wakes up late and misses the breakfast or meals offered to him as per the Brochure and in the event that the Tour participant is out on his own and reaches late and misses dinner. Then no claim can be made by him for the meal which he has miss and not utilized.

HOTELS: You will be out sightseeing most of the time and hence and we have taken care to select hotels which are comfortable whilst keeping cost down. The lists of hotels selected for each place are set out in this brochure. Most of the rooms have a private bath or shower. In Europe we take extra care to select Locations for our tours and hence they may be confirmed – in the city center or away from city center. Hotels do not have any air conditions of fans. Due to favorable weather conditions, In Europe. Since the rooms are comparative small, we would recommend only 3 people in one room for your own comfort. Triple rooms are usually no longer then twin rooms, and third bed is often rollaway cot put in a twin bedded room for the night.

ACCOMODATION FOR CHILD BELOW 12 YEARS OF AGE: It is expressed and given to understand that a child below 12 years of age who is book on the tour paying the special rate without a bed which will be provided with the bed in the hotel while on the tour under any circumstances. In case the tour participants makes changes in their rooming while on the tour. The company shall not make any refunds or pay any compensation to them. In case the tour participants decides to make any changes in the rooming while on the tour then they shall be bound to pay additional amount changed to them by the concerned Hotel directly to the Hotel.

CORRENCY AND TRAVELLERS CHEQUES: We suggest you take your holiday spending money partly in traveler’s claque are by far the safest way to carry money as they are easily exchanged. A very good option here would be an international credit card.

ITINERARY CHANGES: We may of \ten operate more than one coach per departure date. For the comfort and convenience of our passengers we will sometimes reverse the direction. Or amend the itinerary. We will by to advice you of these amendments. Prior to the start of the tour r on the tour, In the event that the tour. In the event that the tour participant misses a part o the sightseeing tour or any such tour due to delay on his part or any reason whatsoever on part of the Tour Participant then he will not be entitled to claim refund on the same. We use air conditioned / luxury coaches. We have found it fair to operate daily set rotation on board or coach, so no seat numbers are allocated.

For tours to Europe the average traveling hours is approximate 8 hours a day. The coaches are equipped with an emergency wash room. However this facility is not to be used unless for emergencies. If you are carrying any high value items on the coach. We advice you not to leave them behind when you leave the coach.

And we will not be responsible or liable in case of theft or robbery of the said items from the coach. An baggage and personal effects are at all times and in all circumstances your responsibility. No claim whatsoever will be entrained for the same.

TIPPING: Tipping is customary in all parts of the world for services rendered (e.g. porters, coach drivers etc.) Your Tour Manages will be pleased to advice you of the same.


TKI TOURS (INDIA) PRIVATE LIMITED is a travel agent and a tour operator
We are travel and tour organizers only. We do not directly or indirectly control or operate airline, neither do we directly or indirectly own or control any shipping company. Coach or Coach Company, Hotel, Transport or any other facility and services mentioned in this brochure. We have take at most care in selecting the various aspects and portions of your tour, and have no control on running of them. We cannot responsible for any delay, in services period by independent Airlines, Transport, Hotel any provider of services, for any injury, death, loss or damage which is caused by the said management of ant hotelier, airlines, shipping company coach operator who are the Company’s Independent Contractor arising outside our normal selection and inspection.

We are also not responsible for any delay in services provided by agency, airlines, and transport hotel! Any provider of services.

The Tour Participant has been supplied with details for the Tour Arrangements and the Tour Brochure by the company. The Tour Participant shall read some carefully before filling and signing the booking Form terms and conditions on Brochure. Booking Form, Payment Receipt shall be binding on the participant shall constitute contrast between the parties. Of the tour Participants signing Booking Forms and making payment towards part consideration of the tour. Each Tour Participant shall sign the Booking Form. The Signing of the Booking Form by the Tour Participant shall mean acceptance in totality of the Terms and Conditions contained herein by the Tour Participant. The Company reserves the right to reserve to Book any person or persons as Tour Participant for any Tour without assigning any reason whatsoever.

The Tour Participant means Person / Persons whose name and , On whose behalf the booking loon, Performa and Final invoice. Independent controllers means any hotelier/hotel owner, Owner of any airlines or shipping company or railway, Ferry boat owner .Operator, Cruise. Coach owner/operator, any other Person or Organization who have been selected by the Company to render services to the Tour Participant. There is no contract between the Company and the Tour Participant until the company has received the payment of the tour booking. The full payment must be received in accordance with the procedure laid down in the brochure under the heading how to book.

The Company has the right at any time and for any reason:

  • to terminate the contract after acceptance of deposit but prior to the commencement of Tour without assigning any reason whatsoever. In the event, he terminates the Contract; the Company may refund the amount of deposit to the Tour Participant without payment of any interest.
  • To amend. Alter or withdrew any tour, holiday, portion or facility it has- or published or to substitute an Independent contractor it deemed advisable or necessary. In either case, the Company shall not be liable for any damage. Additional expense or consequential loss it any suffered by the tour Participants or for any compensation claim.

    2A It is the responsibility of the Tour Participant hold valid travel documents such as passport and visas and to furnish all formalities required by the company for application of the same within the period stipulated. In the event the application for visa made by any Tour Participant or by the company on behalf of the Tour, Participant is rejected by the concerned Embassy or Authorities due to inadequate documents furnished by the applicant or due to any other reason whatsoever, the company shall not be liable or responsible. For the same and the non-refundable deposit paid by the Tour Participant shall be forfeited and no claim whatsoever shall be made for the same. All cost charges in respect of the said application for the vise shall be borne by the Tour Participant.

    However in the event that the Tour Participant is unable to travel on the tour originally booked by them, Due to rejection of the Visa by the concerned Embassy. The Tour Participant shall have the option to postpone his tour to another date or transfer his tour to any other tour and in such case the Transfer Charges shall apply.

The Company shall be within its rights to forfeit. The non-refundable Interest free deposit paid by the tour participant to the company along with the prescribed booking from duty with the request for confirming the seat(s) for the tour booked by the tour participants, in the event the tour participant cancels the booking or on failure on the part of the Tour. Participant adhere to the tour payment schedule as set out in the documentation Check List which is handed over to the Tour Participant after booking is made or in the event visa of any country /countries is not granted or The Tour Participant is unable to travel on the tour booked by
The tour participant due to any reason whatsoever. Including medical ground or sickness, the non refundable interest free deposits shall stand forfeited, and the scale of cancellations as in the how To Book” section of the brochure shaft is applicable and binding.
3. No person other than the Company. In writing, has the authority to vary, add. Or waive any., terms or conditions. Set forth in this brochure.
4.In the event of the Company exercising its rights to amend or altar any tour or holiday- in their brochure after such tour or holiday has been booked. The Tour, Participant shall have the right
a) To continue with the tour or holiday as amended or altered;
b)In the event that the company is unable to conduct a particular tour. The company shall at its own discretion refund take at least 45 days for such refunds. The amount of the cost of the said tour to the Tour Participant. In case the company exercises their discretion to alter. Without any interest on the same. The Tour Participant will not amend or cancel any tour In the Brochure and he not be entitled to make any grievance thereafter in respect of Tour the same.
5. The company shall not be liable for any compensation, for damage, additional expense or consequential loss suffered
a) For death. Personal injury, sickness, accidental, loss. Delay. By him/her or to pay any amount as refund of the Tour discomfort. Increased expenses, consequential loss and/or Participant Damage or any of theft howsoever caused; even in case of a Tour, for which the payment was made in
b) The temporary or permanent loss of or damage to baggage Foreign Currency with or without part payment in Or personal effects howsoever caused. Indian Rupees the said refund shall be made only in Indian
e) Loss of baggage by the Airline. Rupees at prevailing Time rate of refund as per existing seats by Airline. Rules and Regulations.
f) On the part of airline to accommodate passengers There shall be no refund of the Tour Participant fails to join the despite having confirmed tickets In this condition the expression ‘howsoever caused’ includes late or leaves the Group before completion of the Tour. If the willful negligence of the part of any person. Tour Participant along with his family is compelled to be in the event that the Tour, Participant is booked on a particular discontinue the tour due to any reason of passport or death, no claim shall be entertained for refund.